My Two-Cents BLOG

Thursday, April 18, 2024
Somewhere north of Saint George, Kansas

Yesterday, was “Opening Day” for this years’ Spring Turkey Season, and as usual, I had too many things going on to get out there.

First thing, was to get my car in for an eighty thousand mile service, and for the first time EVER, I got out of there for under a hundred dollars. AMAZING!

Then, it was over to Fort Riley for a noon meeting with the Fort Riley Outdoorsmens Group (FROG) where I had to give the After Action Report on this years youth hunt.

I had GREAT support, we had twelve kids and twelve mentors, half the kids got birds, two of the kids missed birds, and the rest are still trying. End of report!

On a side note, on my way to the meeting, I passed an area opening for hunting and saw four big gobblers moving through the trees.

I made a note of that, but I wouldn’t make it back until 5PM, with just a little over two hours of shooting time left.

As I suspected, they had long vacated the area, but HEY! I had to give to give it a shot. RIGHT?

As I sat under my chosen tree, softly calling, waiting, hoping, something would come in, it occurred to me that, on the 7th of next month I would be turning seventy-seven and I wondered, in my mind, just how much longer I would be physically able to play this game.

I got a semi-answer to that thought, when I tried to stand up after sitting under that tree for almost two hours. It was no easy accomplishment, and I had to unload my gun and use it as a crutch in order to stand up

All I can say, is that I had better kill that bird on my first shot, because there is NO WAY, I am going to JUMP UP and chase it (laughing).

That’s all from my neck of the woods. Make it a great day!