My Two-Cents BLOG

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Somewhere north of Saint George, Kansas

I have not been posting lately but the truth is, between doctor appointments, physical therapy, and YOUTH FOOTBALL SEASON, I have been pretty busy.

Thatís right, itís that time of year again and my little Fort Riley Cougar football team is in their fourth practice with their first game Tuesday the 21st down at the St. X football field number 3 located off 6th Street between Grandview Plaza and Junction City behind the USA Inn. Game time is 6:15 PM. Go Cougars!

Dove season came in and as is typical for Kansas most of the doves moved south after first weekend. Deer hunters and quail hunters take heart there are plenty of those in the woods. The pouts are following mama turkey around and the fall turkey season opens on October the 1st.

Thatís all from my corner, make it a GREAT day!