My Two-Cents BLOG

August 14, 2019
Saint George, Kansas

It has been a little while since my last post, so I thought I would bring things up to date. The Fort Riley annual dove hunt hosted by the MWR and F.R.O.G. is quickly approaching and is scheduled to take place on Sunday September the 1st. The details are on this web site (see the Fort Riley side of the page).

Iíve been playing a little golf (which I continue to stink at) but at least it gets me in the outdoors and keeps these legs of mine moving. I will be coaching football again this year and I am looking forward to it. This will be team number nine at Fort Riley. There is nothing like being around young people to keep a person feeling young.

My wife and I FINALLY joined a Senior Center and I must admit that itís a nice place to meet other folks our own or a little older age. She has two Thursday morning classes which will give me the opportunity to at least get over to the Vista group of friends that I have been neglecting these past few months.

I have been talking already to a group of bird hunters who are anxious to know what next season looks like but itís a little too early for me to make any predictions. I will say that I have been seeing and hearing quail and thatís a good thing but as far as numbers the upland forecast wonít be available until about the middle of September.

I will be guiding a young elk hunter around the post sometime during the last week of this month. Heís from Wichita and has never hunted the post. Hopefully this year most of the post wonít be closed during the upland season but that remains to be seen. Keep your fingers crossed!

I have been catching a few fish (the optimum word is few) but itís still fun to get the old fly rod out and give her a fling. That sounds almost vulgar doesnít it. Make it a great day and get into the outdoors and while youíre at it take a youth, a soldier or both with you.