My Two-Cents BLOG

Saturday, October 05, 2019
Saint George, Kansas

It’s another wet start to the day, complete with lightening and thunder. Somehow, I found the “want to” yesterday and got on the post to one my favorite areas. Within an hour I had locate a big flock of birds and set my blind in a great location. I am letting it sit today and tomorrow morning Matt Hopkins and I will be in place. Hopefully we’ll both tag out with Thanksgiving birds.

I also want to mention to my quail hunting buddies all over the country that I indeed saw and heard lots of quail. The birds I saw were so big that for a moment I thought I was looking at baby pheasants. I hope that has you drooling because it did me (laughing) and I had to look at my calendar to remind myself, “Nope it’s not November yet.”

Make it a great day and stay dry.