My Two-Cents BLOG

Friday the 13th of December 2019
Saint George, Kansas

Dave Beanland and I hunted for a half a day yesterday before he had to head back to Ohio and Tucker and I were already missing him before he and Levi had started home.

We didn't have any luck locating the coveys even though we both knew that they were there somewhere but we did get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch some mighty fine dog work.

Bob Roberts (if you're reading this) I can not begin to tell you what a huge difference being able to keep track of Tucker has meant. For the first time I can get a clear picture of just how my dog works and it was big surprise to me to see how far he actually ranges and how quickly he can cover so much distance. This roam Brittany has the range of an English Pointer sometimes getting out over three hundred yards.

This makes him a perfect covey locator, he also will hold for however long it takes for us to get to him. He simply will not bust a covey. Once the covey is busted however he has proven to be deadly on singles.

He comes quickly when called and this once gun shy Brit is turning into something special.

Well deer fire arm season starts this weekend so it's time for me to dust off the fly rod and catch a few trout.

Tonight and Saturday I am teaching another Hunter's Education class and we have 42 students signed up so far.

That's about all from this neck of the woods, get out there and be safe. Good luck to all my deer hunting friends and if you have more venison then you can eat, give me a call. Make it a memorable and great weekend.