Kent Barrett (Director of KDWP&T) welcomes us to the 2019 Academy.

Good friend Randy Fernandez acknowleges that he has located the tolet paper. That's a relief!

During the break we had a chance to look at some of the door prizes that were going to be given away on the last day.

Steve Capizzi puts raffle tickets in a bucket for one of the two guns that were given away on the last day.

The National Archery in the School Program (started in KY 2004) provided both stactic and three D targets.


Comfortable housing was provided in one of the many cottages owned by the 4H center.

We had to rough it on the meals but somehow we managed.

After the introductions we headed for a meet and greet where there were plenty of treats as well as beer, soda and water.

On Saturday we attended numerous workshops. The Archery workshop was my first stop.

Instructor Gary Keehn demonstrates one of the Mathews bows (12 to 17 pounds) provided by the program for practice. Afterwards everyone had a chance to show what they could do. I didn't do too bad but I had a great coach in my archer friend Randy Fernandez.